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Strawberry, banana, and honey glazed dog treats combine a trifecta of flavors that not only tantalize your dog's taste buds but also offer numerous health benefits. Strawberries are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that support the immune system, while also contributing to skin and coat health. Bananas provide potassium for muscle and nerve function, along with natural sugars for a quick energy boost. The addition of honey brings its own set of benefits, acting as a natural sweetener with potential anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.


The blend of these ingredients creates a treat that supports digestion due to the fiber content in strawberries and bananas. Honey may also help alleviate allergies and offer potential relief for dogs with seasonal sensitivities. Moreover, the delightful taste of these treats can serve as an effective training incentive and add variety to your dog's treat options.

Baby's Banana & Strawberry Pineapples

SKU: 0010
  • This product contains no preservatives.  Please refridgerate.  The product should last about 2 1/2 weeks.

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