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Energize your pup with our wholesome oat, banana, spirulina, and turmeric dog treats!  Packed with fiber-rich oats for digestion and potassium-loaded bananas for a tropical twist, these treats are a nutrient powerhouse. Spirulina brings a burst of vitamins, while turmeric adds an anti-inflammatory kick. It's like a health retreat in a treat, promoting vitality and wagging tails. Did we meniton that they are glazed with honey?  Give your furry friend the treat they deserve while nourishing their inner superhero!  #SuperfoodSnacks #HealthyPaws

Baby's Bones and Stars with Spirulina & Turmeric

SKU: 0015
  • This product contains no preservatives so please refridgerate.  It should last approximatel 2 1/2 weeks

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