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Introducing the "Chocolate Monkey" dog treats, where the only guilt is not sharing with your pup!  These treats pack all the deliciousness of bananas and carob, giving your furry friend a chance to be a choco-maniac without the woofin' calories. No worries about cocoa's dark side here—carob's the star, ensuring every bite is paw-sitively safe and tail-waggin' good. It's a guilt-free chocolate affair that'll leave your dog doing the banana boogie. So go ahead, treat your pup to a "Chocolate Monkey" moment that'll have them beggin' for an encore!  #ChocoMuttJoy 

Baby's Chocolate Monkey

SKU: 0011
  • This product contains no preservatives.  Please refridgerate.  The product should last about 2 1/2 weeks.

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